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If they think I’m bad now, wait till they find out I’m a vi user.

I installed a TCXO on my HackRF One over the weekend and posted some quick reference notes here - m0x.io/posts/hackrf-tcxo/

Happy Hacking! 💜

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If you're at Twitter and you've been invited back after they fired you in error, here's a chat with one of the managers there, the Senior Director of Engineering at Twitter, aka @LukeEvansSimon.

huh, interactions on here have been way more positive and engaging. What a nice change 💜

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Tip for the new folk:
Often Mastodon’s features work the way they do because it was first populated by people who had been harassed on FB and the Birdsite.

For instance (not sorry), you cannot search Masto for a simple term. Only #hashtags. Say you’re having a private conversation about iguanas. Anti-iguana trolls will not be able to search for “iguanas”, find your conversation, and drop into it to say, “Iguana luvers suck!”

But if you are wanting to connect with new iguana fanciers on Mastodon, slipping an #iguanas hashtag somewhere into your posts will allow people to search for and find them.

#TwitterMigration #Twitter

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199,430 is the number of new users across different Mastodon servers since October 27, along with 437 new servers. This bring last day's total to 608,837 active users, which is without precedent the highest it's ever been for Mastodon and the fediverse.

Hi everyone, I'm not new to Mastodon though haven't used it much since a previous instance I used went offline. Given recent events with mainstream social media I decided to spin up my own instance. So, here's my !

I do things mostly, everything from and research to and . I'm also a dog on the internet 🐶

Looking forward to connecting with some of you! Much love 💜

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🤯 10K Followers here!
😍 That's amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!
#krita #mastoart


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